Dani Jud


I am Dani Jud, a 37-year-old artist from Austria and the creative mind behind
Coffee & Copper Art.

My motivation as a part-time artist has always been to develop a distinctive style by using a unique combination of materials.

In 2018, I began exploring the use of dried coffee grounds and how to adhere them to the canvas.
Preserving the fluffy texture of the coffee was crucial to me, leading me to abstain from blending it with conventional adhesives or paints.
After perfecting the technique and varnish I introduced my second medium - the shiny copper leaf - to provide a striking contrast to the coffee's matte finish.

To date, I have crafted over 90 artworks, ranging from intricate architectural compositions that showcase my meticulous attention to detail to dynamic and abstract creations.

My artistic aspiration is to continue creating pieces that inspire, exude style and evoke whimsy, alongside more profound works that convey meaningful messages.
The essence of experimentation drives the continuous evolution of Coffee & Copper Art